The A Series Electric Counterbalanced Stacker is widely used in pallet stacking, wherever support arm stacker truk cannot operate close pallet and lower pallet. Applied with the latest AC drive technology, advanced performance, comfort, safe, reliable, low maintenance cost, easy to operate and economical to buy is the ideal solution for warehouses, supermarkets, workshop loading/unloading and handling pallets of cargos.

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  • A series electric counterbalanced stacker applied professional industrial design, stream lines, fully ergonomic consideration, in line with the latest design trends.
  • Applied steel stamping and injection molding processes for front and back guard, which is robust, durable and also envornmental compliant.

High Performance

  • Electric power steering is standard specification, which provides flexible operation
  • Pump motor controller offers proportional lifting/lowering, low noise, energy consumtion reduced by 15%
  • Powered by AC traction motor not only has good acceleration and climbing performance but also low heat, brushless, maintenance-free.
  • Latest AC CURTIS control system, precise and smooth.
  • CAN-BUS connection enables all truck data can be read out for inspection and also improves the data transition more quick and reliable.
  • Regenerative braking for battery recovery during travel speed reduction, anti-slope on gradient.
  • All key parts such as switches, connectors, battery indicator and hour meter all adopt the famous brand.


  • The pedal applies shock absorption design, greatly improves the operator’s comfort, reduces the fatigue.
  • The compact body and semicircular design provide an ideal operation in limited space, and the wedge designed chassis greatly increases the passing ability.


  • 3-pivot with low centre of gravity design and high strength steel frame structure chassis provide high residual load capability and longer working life.
  • Imported waterproof connectors, all wires and cables are protected, greatly improved the realiability of the electric system.
  • Using non-contact proximity switch, improves safety and reliability.
  • Top quality hydraulic power unit applied to provide low noise, low vibration, smooth lifting and landing reliable operation.
  • H-type mast profile section is applied to provide stable lifting and high strength.
  • The power plug is fixed on the chassis to avoid damge during battery replacement.


  • AC motor without carbon brushes, maintenance-free, cost saving.
  • Integrated battery indicator, hour meter and self-diagnostic instrument.


  • Travel speed will be automatically reduced after fork lifting height over 500 mm
  • Automatic deceleration during turning.
  • Punch-formed handrails provide more safety to the operator.
  • Three braking system of regenerative braking, reverse current braking and emergency braking, ensures the safe operation.
  • Anti-slope on gradient can keep the safety.
  • The emergency button on the tiller head can effectively avoid the harm to the driver.
  • Soft landing system applied to protect loads from damaging when forks lowering 100 mm to ground.
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