The new and revolution EP 1Ton electric forklift is the only one all over the world designed for the special service in industrial floors. The unique vehicle which is with less than 2m height and 1.8t self weight can be specialized and efficiently applied in industrial elevators serving for different floors working while this condition is the most popular in industrial buildings worldwide.

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1.Equipped with world- class hydraulic power pack and electric control system, the vehicle is with quick response,
accurate control, and excellent power efficiency.
2.The innovative and maintenance- free AC system ensures a longer battery service life.
3.Imported AC electronic control steering system makes operation comfortable and with low noise.
4.ZAPI walking motor controller and Bucher oil pump motor guarantees the stability and maneuverability when lifting,
lowering and walking.
5.Comfortable and safe seat reduces the strain on the operator.

Operability & Safety
1.The steering wheel, dashboard, power switch are compact designed, convenient for operators.
2.New compact mast design makes the whole height of the vehicle no more than 2 meters, the front overhang and
overall length decreased remarkably, which greatly reduces the limitation of the work space.
3.Electromagnetic parking brake provides braking during deceleration.
4.Emergency plug is mounted right behind the handle lever, all power can be cut off by simply pulling emergency
plug and truck stops immediately.
5.The safeguard is made of specially designed tubular product, safe and beautiful.
6.One-piece welding technique are used in the cover board of the battery and frame, making the whole vehicle
body firm.

Maintenance & Serviceability
1.American AMP connectors with top quality, prevents moisture and contaminants from interrupting truck operation
in all environments.
2.Driving motor, pump motor and brake pedal are reasonably arranged, and the oil pipe-line is also optimized,
meanwhile, the foot petal is easy to remove. All these make it convenient for checking, maintenance and replacing
3.The intelligent programmable LCD could display the fault code, keeps operator and service engineer aware of
any problems, helps engineer to solve the problem quickly.
4.AC driving motor and AC pump motor are brushless, of high stability and excellent performance, reducing
maintenance time and cost greatly.
5.The back door design is convenient for clearing, checking, maintenance.
6.Sideway battery and roller- bearing battery box design are easy for operator to replace the battery.
7.Brake oil cup is arranged right above the brake, convenient for checking and brake oil addition.

Load capacityQ(kg) 1200
Service weight (Incl. battery)kg1940
Fork height, loweredh13(mm)
Overall lengthl1(mm) 2530
Overall width b1/b2(mm) 948
Fork spread b5(mm)
Aisle width, 1000×1200 pallet crossways Ast(mm) 3160
Aisle width, 800×1200 pallet lengthways Ast(mm) 3000
Outer turning radius Wa(mm) 1450
Travel speed, laden / unladen km/ h 6/6.5
Maximum gradeability, laden / unladen S2 5 min. %6/8
Battery voltage/ rated capacity V/ Ah 24/360

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