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Thorough Examination - Forklifts in CyprusThorough Examination - Forklifts in CyprusThorough Examination - Forklifts in Cyprus

Thorough Examination (VIDEO) – Don’t Do Things By Half

  Exclusively available at Y. Skembedjis & Sons: Thorough Examination (M.O.T.) is a vital safety inspection provided by the only CFTS-accredited company in Cyprus. This video explains how vital it is to examine your forklift …

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IMH 10th Supply Chain & Logistics Summit

Y. Skembedjis & Sons would like to thank every individual that attended the 10th Supply Chain & Logistics Conference and supported the company at Hilton Park, Nicosia on the 25th of October, 2016. The event analyzes the …

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Επιχορήγηση 40% και μέχρι €400,000 για αγορά Φόρκλιφτ!

Επιχορήγηση 40% και μέχρι €400,000 για αγορά Φόρκλιφτ! Εντός του 1ου τριμήνου 2016, επαναπροκυρήσσεται το Σχέδιο της Γεωργικής Μεταποίησης, το ΜΕΤΡΟ 4.2: ‘’Προστιθέμενη άξια στα γεωργικά προϊόντα. Δημιουργία και  Εκσυγχρονισμός μονάδων μεταποίησης και εμπορίας γεωργικών …

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Διεξοδική Εξέταση για Περονοφόρα Οχήματα

Εάν είστε χειριστής περονοφόρου οχήματος, ακόμη και σε περίπτωση που απλώς το ενοικιάζετε, εχετε την υποχρέωση να βεβαιωθείτε οτι κατέχει ενημερωμένη Έκθεση Διεξοδικής Εξέτασης. Είναι δική σας ευθύνη να μεριμνείτε για τη Διεξοδική Εξέταση, τουλάχιστον …

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Forklift Maintenance Tips

Material Handling Equipment requires regular maintenance and care just like every other vehicle and machinery. As time goes by, forklifts develop general wear and tear therefore they need routine or unique repairs. By having a …

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Forklift Pre-Shift Checks (VIDEO)

This video demonstrates some of the basic checks you need to carry out on your forklift truck before operating. Health & Safety is crucial! Download Forklift Pre-Shift Check Document

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Why A Forklift Seat Belt Matters (VIDEO)

Every year workers are crushed, maimed, and killed when they jump or are thrown from forklifts. This video below reminds forklift drivers to wear their seat belts. And if your machine does tip, brace yourself, and …

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Crucial Forklift Safety Tips

In almost every materials handling facility worldwide, forklifts serve a vital purpose. They’re an indispensable part of the scene, and they provide a core aspect of productivity and profitability. A forklift can allow one person …

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Purchasing vs Leasing: Which one is More Efficient?

When looking at acquiring a forklift, one of the first decisions you need to make is will you be purchasing the machine outright or renting? The answer will be different for everyone depending on your …

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Used vs New Forklifts: Which one is the right choice for you?

The decision for business owners whether to buy new or used forklifts can be a challenging one. Buying new gives you the assurance that your team has the latest technology, the highest fuel efficiency and …

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Electric vs Gas Forklift: Which one is more Efficient?

The productivity of your warehouse is determined by not only the number of forklifts you own, but also the type of forklifts you have. Among the various selections of forklifts, two of the most commonly …

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The Types of Pallets

For those who are not familiar with pallets; a pallet is a flat structure that is used for shipping and transport. Pallets allow commercial goods and shipping containers to be shipped in a stable form …

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