2014 July

Can you really drive a forklift? Safety on the slope..5 RULES!

Are you sure you or your forklift drivers know how to drive a forklift? Undoubtedly forklifts play a huge role in material handling helping in transporting heavy loads while being efficient, making really laborious tasks …

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White Forklift Tires (Non-Marking). The What and the Why..!

Maybe you have noticed some forklift trucks wearing white forklift tires and wondered the reason why they are white. Well white forklift tires or as they call them non- marking forklift tires are simply tires …

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Topping Up Battery Cells and Simple Battery Maintenance. How to!

Charging your battery in the right way is not enough to ensure its long lasting. The other important factor when it comes to forklift batteries is topping up the battery cells. Remember! The electrolyte within …

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Do you think you know how to charge your forklift battery? (VIDEO)

Do you think you know how to charge your forklift battery? Have a look below! Forklift traction batteries are one of the most expensive parts of a fork truck that have as a drawback an …

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